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May 22, 2009

Affenpinscher dog

Country of Origin: Germany
Size: Shoulder height: 25-30 cm (9.75 - 11.75 inches).
Coat: Coarse, growing in swirls. Can be brown or grey, but is generally black.
Character: Affenpinschers are intelligent, friendly, loyal, alert, and lively.
Temperament: Affenpinschers get along fine with children, other Affenpinschers,
and other types of household pets. They may be alarmed by unknown visitors.
Care: Hair should never be clipped, as it ruins the coat. Coat may need to be
plucked periodically by a professional dog trimmer.
Training: Training must be consistent. This dog learns commands fairly quickly.
Activity: This breed needs quick, short walks at least three times a day.
Regular playtime keeps Affenpinschers happy. Dog origin Europe must often invited roads,
happy dog who play regularly this is very funny because the thick fur


  1. ndynindy said...
    ane pernah beli boneka kaya gini nih gan baut mantan ane ahahhaaa
    the dog said...
    @ndy= wah ..kok dibeliin boneka anjing seh... kasian kmunya , trus mantan km lok inget kamu mesti liat anjing dulu dong.....waduh....heeheehee... tapi romantis jg perhatiannya ...kekekekeke

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