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August 25, 2009

Toy Dogs In Pottery

One of the most favorite subjects for the craftsman in porcelain and earthenware has been toy dogs in particular. In Chinese work it has been hard to distinguish between the lion and the dog. The lion-dog and the dog-lion share a lot of Chinese myth. The dogs of Fo during the reign of K’ang Hsi were dogs, however, and not lions. In the city of Peking in 1680 the Emperor K’ang His set up an imperial kiln. At that time it was possible there were a million people working porcelain at 3,000 kilns. This production situation has never been matched.

Dogs of Fo, also sometimes called guardian lions, are found frequently, generally in pairs and usually with the male playing with the traditional woven ball and the female with one of her cubs. Dogs of Fo were made in huge quantities between the years of 1662 and 1722. They were without doubt small dogs of the Pekingese type. It has often been said that it is very doubtful the Chinese ever saw a real lion during this time they referred to these animals as being lion-like, and that it is much more likely the Dogs of Fo, even though they had somewhat of a lion look, were actually dogs and not lions.

Dogs that are fed vegetarian diets do better, but must be given large amounts of alternative protein sources to make up for the lack of it in standard vegetarian fare. A purely vegetarian diet is difficult to provide that will satisfy a canine's basic nutritional needs, but it is healthier and leads to slightly longer lifespans than any commercial brand diet.

Without any doubt , the best possible diet to feed your dogs is raw meat and bones with an occasional slop made up of vegetables, fruits, and organ meat. I've seen clear and compelling evidence that this diet leads to three amazing results: much better overall health, excellent dental health, and longer lifespans.

Countless times, I've seen dogs with repeating, nagging health issues (obesity, allergies, etc.) turn completely around on a raw meat and bones diet. And it doesn't take long to see how much whiter and cleaner their teeth become. This is actually very important (dental health), because a growing number of vets suspect a link between the bacteria produced by poor dental hygiene and internal complications as dogs age. Because dogs have to crunch through raw chicken, beef, or pork bones daily, they get and keep very clean teeth in short order.

If you are like most dog owners, you probably assume that commerical dog foods with brand names that are easily identifiable - Purina, Iams, Pedigree. must be good for your pets, right? After all, millions of pet owners buy them and feed them to their beloved pets, and surely they wouldn't all give their dogs something harmful. Unfortunately, this may just be the case.

Before I get any further along, let me make it clear that I am not a veterinarian. I do, however, have a science background and education, and I've had more dogs in my care in one year than most people will have in a lifetime. As an observant and naturally curious person, I've paid close attention in the past 20 years to the general health of my pets and those I've had in my care through a rescue shelter I was involved with for several of those years. I've also picked the brains of several top vets in my state in my quest to get to the heart of the matter concerning the best dog diet.

The cornea is the clear of the eye that bends the incoming light rays. The cornea can lose its clarity if it becomes inflamed or injured. Hairs and twigs can injure the cornea, especially in pop-eyed dogs. The sclera is the fibrous coat the gives the eyeball its ping-pong ball shape and dull white color. The sclera frequently takes on a yellow color.

The iris controls the amount of light entering the back of the eye and gives your dog’s eye its color. The black hole in the center of the iris is the pupil. It dilates(large) , to let more light enter in dim light, and constricts (smaler) in bright light. Cataracts are white opacities that block the lights passage through the eye, and can be seen by shining a bright light into the pupil of the eye. A normal aging process called senile cataracts, or nuclear sclerosis, is caused by a rearrangement of the fibers and a loss of water in the older lens.

No other organ in your dog’s body contains such an intricate and complex mechanism in such a small structure as the eyes. A thorough examination of the eye can only be made by your veterinarian, but hopefully through our brief description given here, you will as at least know enough to spot a problem when it arises.

The first seen when examining your pet’s eyes are the upper and lower eyelids – specialized curtains to protect the eyes. Eyelids should be smooth and sharp. The eye margin or center of the lower lid should not turn in or turn out. Be sure the eyelids and hairs on the nose do not rub the eyeball. Sometimes these hairs can be distorted and misdirected and can irritate the eye. A smooth, pink tissue, called the conjunctiva, can be seen covering the inner surface of the lids.

The conjunction helps lubricate the eyeball and protect it from infection. The space between the eyelid conjunction and the eyeball conjunctiva is the conjunctiva sac. If the conjunctiva is red or swollen, or if there is a green or yellowish discharge, an inflammation of the tissue is present.

August 16, 2009

Do you want to buy your dog a bed of its own? If so, you are in the market at the right time. Dog beds are more common today than ever before. For this reason, you should be able to find one that suits the needs of your dog, you and your home. Most importantly, you need to buy the luxury dog bed with your dog in mind. After all, it is going to be the one sleeping in the bed day in and day out.
As you can imagine, the most important thing to consider when buying a dog bed is size. If your dog is too big for the bed you buy, there is a very good chance that you have wasted your money. And then choose a bed that is going to be plenty big enough. This way, your dog will feel just like they do in your bed.Make sure that you know how big your dog is
In fact, there are many luxury dog beds that you may want to look into. you should also consider style when buying a dog bed. If you want to treat your dog like a queen or king, there is no better way of doing so than buying it a luxury dog bed. These come equipped with a pillow, a fleece liner, and much more. This will go a long way in making sure that your dog’s bed looks good no matter what room of the house you put it in.
The dog bed that you purchase should also be comfortable. This goes along with the style points listed above. When you buy a dog bed that is lined in fleece and comes with a pillow, you never have to worry about your dog’s comfort. In fact, there is a good chance that their bed will be more comfortable than yours!
Even though dog beds are becoming more popular does not mean that prices are skyrocketing. In fact, you should be able to purchase a top of the line, luxury dog bed, for as little as $80. For this price your dog will have a stylish yet comfortable bed of its own.
Look into buying it a smaller bed. if you are tired of your dog sleeping with you You may be surprised at just how much they will love it!

The emotional attachment with your dog grows deeper every passing day. You start taking him not just as your family member, but as the most trustworthy and reliable friend. You can’t think of life without your pooch. You take him along when you go for a walk in the park or for jogging. Your dog accompanies you even to weddings and parties. At times, due to some reasons, like old age, arthritis or injury, your dog cannot walk along with you. Then the need of the dog strollers raises the most. It simply gives you complete freedom to take your dog safely to any place you want. , it allows you to spend some more quality time with your beloved canine friend at the same time
- Advantages of using dog strollers:
Well! There are many more reasons why you need a stroller for your doggie. Normally, you take your dog with a leash, but at public places or gatherings it becomes difficult and risky to control your dog with a leash. Strollers can be of great help when you want to take your dog to the vet where there are other sick, irritable and belligerent animals. If your dog has mood swings, then you can give him sufficient privacy in the stroller with partitions that keep him away from other pets who might provoke him. The strollers are exceptionally helpful to protect the soft paws of your beloved from heat or mud. Traveling with your dog, comfortably couched in a stroller, becomes easy and minimizes the risk of him getting lost in bizarre places. Strollers are also much safer, especially in areas that are full of traffic. This also prevents any kind of accidents. Dogs that are too small to walk long distances can be comfortably carried in dog strollers. In short, dog strollers make your dog’s journey less tiring and more relaxed. This definitely makes your dog happier and healthier.
Dog strollers are available in different sizes, colors and designs. You can get one with a suitable height, width and weight capacity, depending on the size of your dog. The all-terrain dog strollers have huge wheels to prevent bumps on rough roads and give a smooth ride in rain or muddy, slippery areas. Some of these fanciful and designer travel dog strollers are detachable, separating the carrier, which makes it convenient for you, to carry your pet in hand to short distances.
Before purchasing the dog strollers you have to make sure of certain facts. You have to check out for its capacity, color, functionality, storage space and last but not the least its price. You must clear about the shipping charges, warranties and other such figures before finalizing your purchase. This will not only fetch you a reasonable deal, but will save you from any future discrepancies.Your pet can accompany you wherever you go if you have your dog stroller

The secrets of a top dog trainer who has the power to turn your disobedient, reactive, misbehaving pet into the “best-friend” you’ve always dreamed of.
Here are our top 3 tips simple tips that will make a world of difference to your relationship with your pesky pouch.
Tip 1 Put Your Pouch on a Programme
Your dog needs to know that you’re in charge. Dogs are pack animals, and like all pack animals they require that someone is in charge. While your dog would prefer that you took the lead role, if they decide that you’re not up to the task, then they’ll take on the job!
If your dog currently thinks that he’s the leader of your family’s pack, then you need to implement a leadership programme in which you re-assert yourself as the Top Dog! This doesn’t mean being unkind or unloving to your dog – it simply means understanding your dog’s psyche and behaving in a way that reassures your dog of your ability to take charge.
Some simple ways to demonstrate your dominance include: eating your meals first; ensuring that your dog waits at the door for you to walk through first; don’t walk around your dog if he’s sitting in your way and determine when your dog gets your attention .

Tip 2: Consistency Is the Key To Success
Most people fail to consistently reinforce positive behaviour and punish bad behaviour. Without consistency, your dog will be confused and over time lose respect for your commands. If you fail to follow through on your expectations, the dog will determine when it suits him to respond.
If you’ve been consistent with your expectations, then in time your dog’s responses to your commands will become pre-programmed and eventually anticipated. This will ensure that your dog will behave in a predictable manner time and again. A dog who clearly understands the boundaries of his behaviour and the consequences of his mis-behaviour is a much happier dog who will be a delightful member of your family.

Tip 3: It’s Much Easier To Train A Puppy Than To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
As soon as your new puppy is welcomed home you should get started on your Leadership Programme, and consistently implement it until your puppy is automatically programmed to behave in precisely the manner that is worthy of a “best friend”!
The more quality time you dedicate to your puppy up front, the fewer on-going headaches you will encounter for the life of your dog.
Reinforcing positive behaviour is the simple most effective training tool available to dog owners, however from time to time you will also need to reprimand your dog for inappropriate behaviour .
If you follow these top 3 techniques used by leading dog trainers, both you and your dog will enjoy a much happier and enjoyable relationship.


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