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June 27, 2009

Barack Obama left the University of Chicago Lab School after a parent meeting was held in the school second daughter was the U.S. president elected, Malia and Sasha, 7 November 2008, in Chicago, Illinois.

In addition to preparing to enter the new office in the White House, U.S. President Barrack Obama also was selected to prepare the middle of something precious to his family, that is, candidates first dog.

At the first press conference after the election on Friday (7 / 11), successful team, said choosing a dog to be the main issue of the administration of the household and the White House discussion of the issues to be exciting in the Obama site.

"We have two criteria that must be considered. First, Malia is exposed so that a dog is allergic to hypoallergenic properly. The other, we also want to adopt a dog from the shelter, but most dogs there come from the racial mix like me," said Obama.

The debate about what the dog will be kept and the family of White House is exciting. Can not be avoided, dogs peliharaan President will receive attention. In fact, news about President Bush is a dog bite Reuters reporter in the finger right into big news. In fact, dogs scott terrier named Barney is usually benign. So, how to choose a dog presidency?

There is no type of dog is 100 percent hypoallergenic. However, some types are not really cause problems, ie, species that bulunya not fall off easily and does not need special care, said Stephen Zawistowski, Vice President Organization Prevention Follow cruelty against animals.

maintenance dog fur not include deciduous species pudel, bichon frise, portuguese water dog, and the maltese, but dogs usually need special treatment that costs more expensive, he said. Stephen said, another type of dog that fur rarely deciduous, among other types of schnauzers, westies (West Highland white terrier), and Scottish terrier. In addition, the dogs cross goldendoodle offspring also have the rare feather fall, also some contradiction with the results pudel.

Obama, of course, families can adopt a dog from a shelter dog or a dog rescue group. Director of Rescue Dogs Association of Washington Gary Weitzman menuturkan, at this time almost a quarter of the 250 dogs that are in the shelter they are descendants of the original race. "On September 78 we have the type of Dachshund dog and recently we have to save a child is the type of dog," he said.

Ideally a dog can be friendly with the presidency of children and guests. Benefits of adopting a dog that has been is to have adults who have been trained in behavioral tests temperamen and family can help the President select a dog that is able to adjust to the social environment. However, if Obama daughter urged her father to a child put dog, to the behavior predicted for the future difficult.

However, the dog is usually kept since small children will behave tame. Psychologist Stanley Coren wrote a book series about a dog peliharaan demand for children, recommending the type of beagle dogs, Cocker spaniel, golden retriever, labrador retriever, and pudel kept for a family.

Whatever the chosen take dog, a puppy requires intensive socializing environment. "First introduced with the dog with the environment around the family," said Stephen. "Dogs also like a small child, they are afraid of certain things such as man with mustache, wearing a hat that someone. If they are not, they tend to be afraid, when presidential guards often appear daunting," he said.

Peliharaan Choosing a dog can be a difficult choice and excited, but still important. Moreover, if the election is the center of attention all people. Obama has promised to the daughter, if he wins the election, will fulfill their requests and have a dog peliharaan is perhaps not simply entertainment for the daughter. "I want to know what the dog will be the frist dog President Obama. Because if he is experiencing day-to-day , he could invite dog walking and said, 'The day is not so bad'," said Stephen.

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June 26, 2009

pedigree Rottweiler

Wolf is the embryo of all dogs ras from all the existing
Think about what the incident has happened lately, more than 100 years ago, how the changes to this dog ternakan this can happen. We still lack information on how dogs make
Rottweiler about the origins of many different opinions, with the involvement of the fact that the usefulness of the Rottweiler in that insting and possible customs work this in the past still cling to now.
People using the Roman cattle dogs for work. Until this day we can see the kingdom of the ancient Roman, which travel through this mountainous region Alpen to the Bodensee, until they can step feet in an area that is now called the city of Rottweil, a city that made the origin of Rottweiler dogs.
City of Rottweil in the 19th century was the center of trade cattle, where cattle and sheep from all digembala area Breisgau, Elsass and Neckertal.Seorang pejagal cow from Rottweil and surrounding areas have a habit to bring some travel in the Rottweiler. where the hijacker, Wolf still roam the roads and terrain are difficult, so for this cattle dog needs a strong, sturdy, and smart.In early 20th century, people will remember the nature of the Rottweiler who is very special. Power to a very high akan this race, to police department start tester in the year 1910 and is recognized as a Rottweiler Police Dogs.

June 23, 2009

Both the treatment and the skin is true for dogs
Skin problems may be caused by many factors including the possible parasites, allergies, bacteria, fungi generally do not smell the savory can mark the skin problems, such as type of disease that attacks the Seborrhea skin. Usually it is the saliva that does not smell tasty produce in the teeth of the problem (damaged, not good), and dogs menjilati itself, where the dog will not smell tasty .Alergi lice Dermatitis, skin problems are the most widely found.

When a dog tick bite sensitive, flea saliva can cause allergic reactions that cause the itchiness is not only in the area around the bite, but the itchiness may be felt in all parts of the body and especially on the buttocks, legs, and bottom. Can bite on dog-bite area and cause irritation to the development of swelling and setting skin. the dog also may be allergic to food or respiratory allergies that cause itchiness on the skin.
Key areas like the itchiness is the face, ears, feet, and axilla. Allergies can be in the intradermal skin test, where a few examples from the source in the reaction to injection under the skin. Then the skin will be supervised / monitor to localize the allergic reaction is. Test blood price cheaper but also less complete than the skin test. Which test should be conducted by a veterinarian with pelatian in the field of skin diseases and allergy.

June 21, 2009

Demodex treat disease in dogs
lice demodek known as the fauna that live on all dogs. However, lice will multiply the amount if the dogs are experiencing a decrease in the body immune system (Immunodeficiency) Or in the stress condition (immunosuppressed).

when suddenly the dog you love the rasp in the skin but do not you find lice signs that he is demodex. This skin disease is very common among other experienced dog race and chowchow pug. cause of this disease is a mite (like head lice), which is under the skin, therefore he will not be visible on the skin surface. demodex dog that will always be mengkukur, if already severe akan feather fall, akan skin injury, bleeding and infection will occur. demodex usually attacks the skin around the mouth and chest, but not close the possibility to arise in other parts. when symptoms develop demodex steps should be taken is to give injections demodex dog once every 2 weeks, following the life cycle is demodex mite. highly recommended that the schedule is not through the injection of 2 hours, safe to be given injections per 10 days, and not near the other dog at the time of healing.

Initial treatment if the dog is exposed to demodex :
* We recommend dimandikan with a shampoo containing Benzoyl peroxide are given once a week or salep Rotenone (goodwinol) each day.
* Larutkan Amitraz 0.3ml in 30ml of water to be smeared in the pitak once a day for 2 weeks.
* Provide Vitamin E alone, sometimes demodex local can recover by itself.
* Evaluation skin 2 weeks after treatment.

June 20, 2009

Dogs usually fall because temperature fur to heat, so try to body temperature in the dog singin, do not heat too, the need for ac gnat guard dog's body temperature so cold, so caring dog fur so much easier and dogs will feel fresh to dog fur as long howl ruangannya temperature must be cold, AC can use the environment to its heat vitamin is also necessary for the body of a dog that does not fall dog fur vitamin dog fur can be purchased pet shop visorbit such as brand and will provide treatment for only 1 day.
treatment such as a dog too often bathe a dog too often result in dog fur ,dog so too often washes, of food containing excessive salt can also make a dog fur into fall the enclosure must also be clean, that dog does not experience stress due to the condition of the room is dirty and smelly comfortable atmosphere dogs also must be considered to maintain the health of dog, and the most important examined the dog to the vet active. If you have additional suggestions about dog fur on the page, please add a comment.

In this era of globalization, all goods or objects using the insurance, until the human and pet insurance also given

Here are many things to note about life insurance for pets:
* Life insurance policies generally provide money to cover the cost of burial or cremation, up to $ 10,000.
* Note the age of pet at the time you buy a policy as this will help determine the premium (meaning the old age of pet, the higher charge ).
* Pre-existing disease, affect the cost of premiums. This means better to consider the policy when the pets are in a healthy condition.
* Usually only cats and dogs that are eligible for this type of insurance

June 18, 2009

Kintamani dog is a dog race that came from the mountains Kintamani, Bali island, Indonesia.Dogs that have the nature of this intrepid, in Kintamani Dogs fenotip easily recognized,can be compared with the clear distinction between Kintamani Dogs with dogs that have local, dog or contradiction between the results of the same race and the other crossing.Kintamani dog has a daredevil nature, agile, alert and suspicious that is high enough.

Is a guard dog (guard dog), which is quite powerful,pengabdi well as against the owner, loyal to the family owner and does not forget the owner or make it.Kintamani dog like a dog or attack another animal that enters his territory.

award from jetnah to me....thanks myfriend

June 17, 2009

Exercise care to your pets, especially dog. visible because onion toxic to your dogs .onion toxic to dogs is the inability to produce a body enzyme that is capable of this . Dose depends on the size of the poisoned animals. Poisoned red onion on the cause Heinz body anemia. Heinz body is a small bubble protruding from the red blood cells and can be seen when the cells colored. This bubble is weak spot in the red blood cells and cause a decline in the living and the outbreak ruptur or red blood cells prematurely. Onion toxic effects remain the same even though in the form of raw, cooked or dried.

Hemolisis occurred several days after onion consumption (hematokrit lowest possible about 5 days after being eaten). Giving onion a day can cause a cumulative effect of the formation of Heinz body continuously against the establishment of the single slit with width, until the establishment of the next, giving the bone marrow to form red blood cells back broken prematurely.
Other organ damage caused by the onion, among others, could cause liver damage, vomiting, diarrhea, and urine.and the body of a dog health will be.

June 16, 2009

in Siberia, precisely in Chita (Siberia) have been found east of women small kid, he was found in a dilapidated apartment .Her grandfather and where the parents live, during the next five years, the child grew up with several dogs and cats, and go wherever is not at all.
She communicate very day the withdrawal dogs, with bark that is, until now the child brought in by child protection agencies to be treated and cured, and given the name mowgli

June 14, 2009

Since many centuries ago a dog known as the most loyal animals on Friday. Insting and abilities are often used for various human
Ability dogs are now starting to be developed for the needs related to health. In the United States, for example, the animal is now devoted much to trained to monitor blood sugar of diabetics.
Role in helping dogs and provide early warning, it has been seen. At least two organizations in the U.S. has been successful in training dogs to detect low level glukosa.Tetapi which the issue is now the experts can not yet reveal scientific evidence that the dog really can be a reference for people with diabetes to detect a decrease in blood sugar is dangerous. This will a fact that a dog stand on human behavior

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June 12, 2009

hygiene is very important for the health body being life,It is evident that serious diseases,can be caused by bacteria that have become in the teeth caused ago infection on the gum to get into the flow of blood. Condition that
can cause inflammation in the body such as the muscle the heart, kidneys, joints, eyes and many organs.

Step by step the body of dog care:

-Cleaning the face of a dog from the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
-Cleaning dog teeth with toothbrushes.
-Cut the dogs nails are long, but do not cut the blood vessel until the dog nails (which looked the brighter).
-Clearing the-wool dog faeces from the comb / brush dog fur and dog fur is cut off and knotted wool dog model form that we want.
-Dog-wash and dry up dog fur.
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June 11, 2009

This often we know via the media through TV movies cartoons dog food that is bone. Bone is identical with the dog, just try to see ditoko that provides dog peliharaan needs, ranging from biscuits / snack, food, collar necklace (collar), until the beds are definitely in the bone or bones make up the picture. There are still many people who keep giving dog eat dog bones like chicken bones or beef bones. Formerly, my parents also do this, they collect the remaining bones from the table and given to the dog. Did you in fact, if the bones can kill dogs?Questions often get over denial of ordinary people who provide food to the dog a bone.

They usually say,Ah ... the bones of the first meal but there is never a problem." Bone is not the same as the toxic effects that can provide instantaneous. At the time a dog chew bones, broken bones serpihan become smaller. Most broken bones that will form the taper angle. Fraction angle of the bones can be sharp-pointed stick on the gum, throat, intestinal digestion and also on the channel rectum.This risk doubled for a dog since the grandfather and grandmother are ready to be given food (dog food) because the system pencernaannya not for the food hard.For stranded dog to eat from the trash or the dogs grandfather and grandmother are fed bone digestion has a stronger but still at risk of threats choke bones.Dogs are eating the bones will also be experiencing difficulties at the time defecate because kotorannya very loud. Digestion can not eat dog bones the meat. Some cases show the wound channel by scratches because of un-tulang.Jadi, bones should not be given to the dogs? Dogs still need the bones to help clean the teeth, release stress and strengthen the jaw muscles but the bones should be chosen which is suitable and safe for the dog.
Adjust the size of your dog snout. Too large, the dog will be difficult to chew (chewing). Too small, make a lazy dog chew and swallow akan directly.The most secure is to provide artificial bone made from cow skin or bone that is the original process so that the human form is not broken if a sharp corner. This product is sold in many pet shop needs.Bone that is safe for the dog bone knob. Bone knob is cartilage that lies between the foot bones and femur cattle or pigs. Knob if broken bones will not form a taper angle. easy to smell / decay quickly if not spent, and can invite bacteria. If you want to feed the dog with the chicken bones should select neck bone neck bone is the cartilage (soft).If you want to give dog bones should be separated by a friend that a dog gets the bones. At the time geting bones, a dog can ingest direct flat so that the risks become greater choke.Function of the bones to a dog:
1.Bones are not staple food for the dog. Only dog bones help to clean teeth.
2.Chew bones can establish a good jaw muscles.
3.Chew dog bones also makes distributing the stress.
4.Chew bones is the distribution of energy for active dogs.


June 06, 2009

Tracker dog

Lucky and Flo, two black Labrador type dog is a dangerous enemy for the flock after the pirate to find the pieces around one million pirated DVDs and CDs in Malaysia. Both animals are placed in secret locations with strict vigilance to the threat of pirate.
Other stories in the port of Merak, Banten,. When trucks turn , the type of dog german shepherd aged 1.5 years the struggle. Bronx removed and immediately jump to the top of the truck closed tarpaulin. Just 5 minutes walk tracking, voice loud purpose Police Commissioner, Siburian, break silence, 'Good you Bronx. " Police saw signs Bronx have found drugs. Right in the middle of the vessel trucks, front-right foot-paw ngais Bronx. Trucks that had coconut, goods, and notions of sandals is demolished. Yes, there are 5 cardboard containing dried marijuana total weight 20 kg.

Wow, great! Dog tracking task is to assist police in drug-track drugs, bombs and theft. How can they be trained? The first stage exercise, namely: compliance. . Strap can be removed after the dog can obey all the commands. After graduating, there is still the next step: introducing the odor and location, or from point to point.

For example find the box containing drugs from other box. Then the exercise point to point or from point to point. For example find the box containing drugs in the range between the others. Then exercise burried, training in and outside the room, and exercise in the vehicle. "With the sharpness , dogs can detect any odor in the introduce, 'said Police Inspector One drh Dedi Wijayanto, Kanit Animal Dit. Samapta Polda Lampung. Indra dog smell 40 times more sharply than men


June 05, 2009

Dog collar and rope

Dog collar is not limited only to hang up the identity of the dog, but also functions as Accessories. We realize that the dog looks to be an important priority, the dog collar is a variety of models, can be adjusted even with the type of race and gender is a dog.

Assessing necklace is not only the best view of beauty, but also be convenience, the material principle, and safety. Do not leave your dog exposed to

irritation due to allergy necklace or injured because the necklace is made of coarse material.

Does not function apart from the essence necklace itself, other important function is the link the leash. Leash is required once when they should really be to not travel


June 04, 2009

The sight of those wretched dogs trying to crawl away from the people bludgeoning them over the head was beyond words. More heartbreaking still was the scene where a dog was surrounded by men with poles and began to wag his tail in welcome - before screaming in agony as the poles and rods came down upon his body. Howling in terror, he tried to raise himself on already broken limbs as the blows came thick and fast and sent him crashing once more to the ground. Blood gathered in pools around his head before he was picked up by one of his back legs and dragged away. The pile of dead dog grew - and people in the video laughed – satisfied with a job which had so cruelly stilled the beating hearts of our best friends.

I watched the film in disbelief – thinking surely we were of a different species to those dreadful people so utterly disconnected to the agony of animals who feel pain and terror and a host of emotions so similar to ours. That life can be so dismissively snuffed out as if it held no importance in this world reflects so appallingly on a country and people I have grown to love.

Culling in China is back - in all its bloody glory - and we need your help to make a stronger push than ever before to drive it into the dark ages where it belongs. Local animal welfare groups in China are also appalled –and we are working closely with them in appeals to the authorities – united in our call that dogs deserve better.

Animals Asia is trying to raise funds to support these groups in their efforts to stop the cull and provide the Hanzhong city authorities with an alternative solution to dog population and disease control.



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