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January 25, 2011

Chow Chow dog

Chow Chow, Chow Chow dog, cute Chow Chow
Chow Chow, Chow Chow dog, cute Chow Chow

Dogs that have a vindictive nature comes from mainland China and are usually dubbed the dogs 'Lion' because its shape resembles a lion. If you've been fighting with another dog, do not expect he will get along again. Chow chow dogs live on average up to 8 years, if treatment is painstaking and the fulfillment of nutrients in foods are also better then the power can reach 10years of his life.
If the dogs are treated no better then he did not hesitate to bite even though his own employer. Chow chow dog of yore used as guard dogs and friends to hunting because of its kind devoted to accompany her mistress.
The characteristics of this breed is among other things hairy, tongue black or dark blue color, usually white, dark brown, light brown, and black.
This dog is not easy care, bathing should be patient of using warm water, use a gentle shampoo, then rinsed thoroughly, after which the hair dryer feathers so as not to cause mold, and the last is combing the feathers from the bottom up (from the head down to the tail followed the abdomen to the neck).

Greatdane dog

Greatdane dog,Great dane
Dogs that become popular along with its popular cartoon 'Scooby Doo'. Greatdane dog was used as the main character in the cartoon movie
Dogs that have good qualities, calm, not aggressive, rarely bark, and easily trained dog breeds is the greatest height can reach 160 cm. This kind of dog infancy up to age 18 months, it is advisable not to add nutrients to stimulate the growth of his body.
Having short hair, a tail that is, the neck is quite long.
This greatdane dogs tend friendly and cowardly.
This greatdane breed is often found in continental Europe, particularly in Germany and has been rarely encountered in Indonesia

Beagles dogs

beagle dog
beagle dog
Beagles dogs that are suitable for families because it is maintained in a cheerful, adaptable, energetic, active, and obedient to his master. These dogs love to bark because it is part of their soul hunters and their curiosity is very high.
Beagle puppy care is very easy to type, the body that do not have body odor and his fur is short and does not make it easy to fall off a dog that is easy to maintain. Bathe him once every two weeks is enough. If the feathers fall out then stay combed it every day and bathe enough to rub a wet towel around her body.
Beagles are the smaller sized or pocket-sized dogs are more popular than the beagle with a larger size. This dog is known as the dogs are cute and high stamina.

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January 20, 2011

Shiatsu Dog

shiatsu dog
Shiatsu Dog is a dog that has a small body structure and adorable. With a long, bushy hair and fur lining underneath. The uniqueness of this race that is part dog's hair above the nose growing upward. Round head shape is equipped with a beard and mustache. The nose is black with a short snout and large eyes, round, and wide. Shiatsu dog shape is very unique and funny, a lot of small children who are very fond of this dog because it is very easy to carry anywhere.
This dog is a handsome dog and is always vigilant and has a brave and intelligent nature of his body even though small.

January 19, 2011

Pomeranian dog

pom, pomerian dog
pom, pomerian dog
The dog commonly known as 'pom' is a dog with characteristics of thick and long haired and has leaf-sized ears are rather small and stand erect. Pom dog fur inside is very dense and thick whiles the outer coat somewhat harsh, long and straight.
This is the type of dog poms active little dog, very friendly, having curiosity high, high level of alert, and including dogs that are open with joyous spirit.
Constraints in this race are a dog fur that easily fall out and wrinkled. How to anticipate is diligently combing his hair to avoid tangles, do not bathe too often just 2-3 times a week, and do not give a salty food like salted fish for fur does not fall out.
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dalmatian dog
dalmatian dog

Dalmatian is a dog known for its rarity in the fur. They are usually white with black spots all over his body.
Dalmatian dog thought to originate from Dalmatia Croatia precisely in the area.
By Walt Disney, a dog race was used as the main character in a movie titled "101 Dalmatians" which tells of a wicked woman who likes to kidnap dalmatian dogs, especially dogs to be killed and taken the feathers in his interest in fashion.
These dogs are very suitable to be used as guard dogs and a friend's house to play because it is tough and loyal to her employer.

poodle dog, white poodle dog, puddle dog
poodle dog, white poodle dog, puddle dog

Poodle is a cute little dog and has very thick curly hair. This dog is the national dog of France.
Poodle dog in great demand by many people to serve as house pets as well as a sweetener. Sometimes these dogs by the master tapes were funny in his ear and not a few people who wear funny clothes on dogs Poodle them to appear more interesting and funny.
Because of its cute and adorable it is not wrong if many prefer this type of dog though in terms of fashion and maintenance costs are not small.


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