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May 30, 2009

Examine your policy documents.Make sure that everything you need including is included in your pet insurance policy. Inclusions in a standard policy can vary considerably between insurers.

Try and get a discount.
If you have more than one pet of one type i.e. cat or dog, then get them insured together and you may make a saving of 10% or more. You won't be able to insure both a cat and a dog on the same policy.

Think of the future.
If your pet develops a chronic condition you won't be able to make a claim once your insurance year has run out. The only way to avoid this scenario of having a pet with a 'pre-existing condition' is to get 'Cover for life' pet insurance, which as long as you stay with the same insurer, means your pet's condition will be covered for the duration of its life.

Age matters.

If your cat or dog is aged 8 or over you will have trouble getting pet insurance. Some, but not many insurers offer senior pet insurance. If you would like your pet to be covered for life, we recommend you arrange pet insurance at least 6 months before your pet's 8 th birthday, because once your pet is insured then you can carry on for the rest of your pet's life, regardless of age.

Some pets cost more than others.
If you have a select breed dog you will have to pay an extra supplement. This is because some breeds are more prone to injury and illness than others. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Remember the excess.
Every time you make a claim you will have to pay an excess fee, but this is a low payment usually set at between £35 and £50. To lower your premiums, you can normally agree a higher voluntary excess.

Forget the no claims.
There is no such thing as a no claims discount in pet insurance. It doesn't matter how many claims you make in one year, you will only need to help with the payments if you exceed your maximum insured allowance for the year.

Make travelling with your pet easy.
If you travel regularly with your pet then pet travel insurance is highly recommended. It means that you are covered for a wide range of eventualities just as you are in the UK.

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