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August 16, 2009

The emotional attachment with your dog grows deeper every passing day. You start taking him not just as your family member, but as the most trustworthy and reliable friend. You can’t think of life without your pooch. You take him along when you go for a walk in the park or for jogging. Your dog accompanies you even to weddings and parties. At times, due to some reasons, like old age, arthritis or injury, your dog cannot walk along with you. Then the need of the dog strollers raises the most. It simply gives you complete freedom to take your dog safely to any place you want. , it allows you to spend some more quality time with your beloved canine friend at the same time
- Advantages of using dog strollers:
Well! There are many more reasons why you need a stroller for your doggie. Normally, you take your dog with a leash, but at public places or gatherings it becomes difficult and risky to control your dog with a leash. Strollers can be of great help when you want to take your dog to the vet where there are other sick, irritable and belligerent animals. If your dog has mood swings, then you can give him sufficient privacy in the stroller with partitions that keep him away from other pets who might provoke him. The strollers are exceptionally helpful to protect the soft paws of your beloved from heat or mud. Traveling with your dog, comfortably couched in a stroller, becomes easy and minimizes the risk of him getting lost in bizarre places. Strollers are also much safer, especially in areas that are full of traffic. This also prevents any kind of accidents. Dogs that are too small to walk long distances can be comfortably carried in dog strollers. In short, dog strollers make your dog’s journey less tiring and more relaxed. This definitely makes your dog happier and healthier.
Dog strollers are available in different sizes, colors and designs. You can get one with a suitable height, width and weight capacity, depending on the size of your dog. The all-terrain dog strollers have huge wheels to prevent bumps on rough roads and give a smooth ride in rain or muddy, slippery areas. Some of these fanciful and designer travel dog strollers are detachable, separating the carrier, which makes it convenient for you, to carry your pet in hand to short distances.
Before purchasing the dog strollers you have to make sure of certain facts. You have to check out for its capacity, color, functionality, storage space and last but not the least its price. You must clear about the shipping charges, warranties and other such figures before finalizing your purchase. This will not only fetch you a reasonable deal, but will save you from any future discrepancies.Your pet can accompany you wherever you go if you have your dog stroller

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