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December 06, 2010

Chihuahua dog cute


Its small and fluffy dog is one of the peculiarities of this type cihuahua. When born, the dog cihuahua often mistaken for a hamster because of the size and shape that resembles a hamster. With ears that stand upright like a rabbit's ear and the flight of the agile and nimble, making cihuahua looks different from other types of dogs.
Top celebrity Paris Hilton is one fan even cihuahua dog type this, he always brought his dog everywhere he went, even to dress the dog using a variety of accessories so that the dog cihuahuanya looks very funny.
Cihuahua known to audiences as a dog who came from Mexico. Cihuahua dog colour also vary, from white, brown, black, etc , fur there is any long-haired and fluffy.


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