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December 08, 2010

Dachshund dogs

tekel, Dachshund dog
tekel, Dachshund dog

Type Dachshund dog with long, flat body is a dog with a typical spoiled, tame and playful. These Dachshund dogs are very cute and adorable for anyone who saw it, and very easily trained because it is a smart Dachshund dog. He was according to her employer, always come when called, and easy to take orders, for example, to not defecate at random, keeping house, accompany their parents, to accompany young children to play, even to hunt the rats in the house (the Dachshund dog is very loved to chase rats). Therefore tackles breed very suitable family dog.
There are several types of these Dachshund dogs colors like black, brown, and white, but color is considered rare are the plain black and shiny.


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