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December 06, 2010

Golden Retiever Dog Types

golden dog, dog types

Golden Retiever Dog Types

is one of the social animals as with humans. They are easy to train, play with, lived with humans, and is easy to socialize with other dogs.

An example is the golden retriever breed, this breed is one of the dogs which many liked, loved, and was chosen by humans to maintain. Stature are big, hairy, cute, aggressive, and spoiled, making this breed a lot of interest. Golden retriever type dog has even become one of the stars in the film titled 'Air Bud', produced by Walt Disney. The themed comedy film which tells about the golden retriever who likes to exercise, from sports football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, etc..
golden dog, dog types
If you are a fan of this breed, it never hurts to have them, besides being a clever and smart dog, golden, too type of dog is friendly and loyal to her employer.

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