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January 25, 2011

Beagles dogs

beagle dog
beagle dog
Beagles dogs that are suitable for families because it is maintained in a cheerful, adaptable, energetic, active, and obedient to his master. These dogs love to bark because it is part of their soul hunters and their curiosity is very high.
Beagle puppy care is very easy to type, the body that do not have body odor and his fur is short and does not make it easy to fall off a dog that is easy to maintain. Bathe him once every two weeks is enough. If the feathers fall out then stay combed it every day and bathe enough to rub a wet towel around her body.
Beagles are the smaller sized or pocket-sized dogs are more popular than the beagle with a larger size. This dog is known as the dogs are cute and high stamina.

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