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June 27, 2009

Barack obama with dog

Barack Obama left the University of Chicago Lab School after a parent meeting was held in the school second daughter was the U.S. president elected, Malia and Sasha, 7 November 2008, in Chicago, Illinois.

In addition to preparing to enter the new office in the White House, U.S. President Barrack Obama also was selected to prepare the middle of something precious to his family, that is, candidates first dog.

At the first press conference after the election on Friday (7 / 11), successful team, said choosing a dog to be the main issue of the administration of the household and the White House discussion of the issues to be exciting in the Obama site.

"We have two criteria that must be considered. First, Malia is exposed so that a dog is allergic to hypoallergenic properly. The other, we also want to adopt a dog from the shelter, but most dogs there come from the racial mix like me," said Obama.

The debate about what the dog will be kept and the family of White House is exciting. Can not be avoided, dogs peliharaan President will receive attention. In fact, news about President Bush is a dog bite Reuters reporter in the finger right into big news. In fact, dogs scott terrier named Barney is usually benign. So, how to choose a dog presidency?

There is no type of dog is 100 percent hypoallergenic. However, some types are not really cause problems, ie, species that bulunya not fall off easily and does not need special care, said Stephen Zawistowski, Vice President Organization Prevention Follow cruelty against animals.

maintenance dog fur not include deciduous species pudel, bichon frise, portuguese water dog, and the maltese, but dogs usually need special treatment that costs more expensive, he said. Stephen said, another type of dog that fur rarely deciduous, among other types of schnauzers, westies (West Highland white terrier), and Scottish terrier. In addition, the dogs cross goldendoodle offspring also have the rare feather fall, also some contradiction with the results pudel.

Obama, of course, families can adopt a dog from a shelter dog or a dog rescue group. Director of Rescue Dogs Association of Washington Gary Weitzman menuturkan, at this time almost a quarter of the 250 dogs that are in the shelter they are descendants of the original race. "On September 78 we have the type of Dachshund dog and recently we have to save a child is the type of dog," he said.

Ideally a dog can be friendly with the presidency of children and guests. Benefits of adopting a dog that has been is to have adults who have been trained in behavioral tests temperamen and family can help the President select a dog that is able to adjust to the social environment. However, if Obama daughter urged her father to a child put dog, to the behavior predicted for the future difficult.

However, the dog is usually kept since small children will behave tame. Psychologist Stanley Coren wrote a book series about a dog peliharaan demand for children, recommending the type of beagle dogs, Cocker spaniel, golden retriever, labrador retriever, and pudel kept for a family.

Whatever the chosen take dog, a puppy requires intensive socializing environment. "First introduced with the dog with the environment around the family," said Stephen. "Dogs also like a small child, they are afraid of certain things such as man with mustache, wearing a hat that someone. If they are not, they tend to be afraid, when presidential guards often appear daunting," he said.

Peliharaan Choosing a dog can be a difficult choice and excited, but still important. Moreover, if the election is the center of attention all people. Obama has promised to the daughter, if he wins the election, will fulfill their requests and have a dog peliharaan is perhaps not simply entertainment for the daughter. "I want to know what the dog will be the frist dog President Obama. Because if he is experiencing day-to-day , he could invite dog walking and said, 'The day is not so bad'," said Stephen.

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  1. nita said...
    wah obama juga suka dogi yah?
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    America Bank said...
    been here for $$haring hope you do $ame

    Patrice said...
    President Barack Obama is a very well known USA President who really loves dog. Nice post.
    teJan said...
    aheheheh..ang cute;) have an award and F-chain for you dear! good day!

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