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June 26, 2009

pedigree Rottweiler

Wolf is the embryo of all dogs ras from all the existing
Think about what the incident has happened lately, more than 100 years ago, how the changes to this dog ternakan this can happen. We still lack information on how dogs make
Rottweiler about the origins of many different opinions, with the involvement of the fact that the usefulness of the Rottweiler in that insting and possible customs work this in the past still cling to now.
People using the Roman cattle dogs for work. Until this day we can see the kingdom of the ancient Roman, which travel through this mountainous region Alpen to the Bodensee, until they can step feet in an area that is now called the city of Rottweil, a city that made the origin of Rottweiler dogs.
City of Rottweil in the 19th century was the center of trade cattle, where cattle and sheep from all digembala area Breisgau, Elsass and Neckertal.Seorang pejagal cow from Rottweil and surrounding areas have a habit to bring some travel in the Rottweiler. where the hijacker, Wolf still roam the roads and terrain are difficult, so for this cattle dog needs a strong, sturdy, and smart.In early 20th century, people will remember the nature of the Rottweiler who is very special. Power to a very high akan this race, to police department start tester in the year 1910 and is recognized as a Rottweiler Police Dogs.

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  1. jan said...
    The Belgian Malinois is used more than the Rotty as a police dog.

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