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June 16, 2009

in Siberia, precisely in Chita (Siberia) have been found east of women small kid, he was found in a dilapidated apartment .Her grandfather and where the parents live, during the next five years, the child grew up with several dogs and cats, and go wherever is not at all.
She communicate very day the withdrawal dogs, with bark that is, until now the child brought in by child protection agencies to be treated and cured, and given the name mowgli

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  1. Dorothy L said...
    This story about the child living with animals reminds me of a movie based on a true story many years ago called 'Nelle' with Liam Neason, his wife and Jodie Foster who played the wild girl Nelle.
    I am sure there are more children lost in another world being raised like a wild child and more to come if our world continues to self-destruct the way it is.

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