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June 17, 2009

Exercise care to your pets, especially dog. visible because onion toxic to your dogs .onion toxic to dogs is the inability to produce a body enzyme that is capable of this . Dose depends on the size of the poisoned animals. Poisoned red onion on the cause Heinz body anemia. Heinz body is a small bubble protruding from the red blood cells and can be seen when the cells colored. This bubble is weak spot in the red blood cells and cause a decline in the living and the outbreak ruptur or red blood cells prematurely. Onion toxic effects remain the same even though in the form of raw, cooked or dried.

Hemolisis occurred several days after onion consumption (hematokrit lowest possible about 5 days after being eaten). Giving onion a day can cause a cumulative effect of the formation of Heinz body continuously against the establishment of the single slit with width, until the establishment of the next, giving the bone marrow to form red blood cells back broken prematurely.
Other organ damage caused by the onion, among others, could cause liver damage, vomiting, diarrhea, and urine.and the body of a dog health will be.

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  1. ASWANI said...
    Hello, dropping by your blog for the very first time. very impressive blog you have here. Honestly speaking, I too like Dogs. I have a great desire to get one very soon. And I will surely.

    This post is very informative. You seem to be a dog loving and dog caring person. Great !

    Anyways, thanks for dropping by my blog. And many thanks fot the google follow. Keep smiling and keep in touch :)

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