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June 18, 2009

Kintamani dog is a dog race that came from the mountains Kintamani, Bali island, Indonesia.Dogs that have the nature of this intrepid, in Kintamani Dogs fenotip easily recognized,can be compared with the clear distinction between Kintamani Dogs with dogs that have local, dog or contradiction between the results of the same race and the other crossing.Kintamani dog has a daredevil nature, agile, alert and suspicious that is high enough.

Is a guard dog (guard dog), which is quite powerful,pengabdi well as against the owner, loyal to the family owner and does not forget the owner or make it.Kintamani dog like a dog or attack another animal that enters his territory.


  1. Aswani said...
    nice information about another dog breed. great blog. Keep it up !
    Neslihan SĂ–NMEZ said...
    selamalr :)

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