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June 20, 2009

Life insurance for pets

In this era of globalization, all goods or objects using the insurance, until the human and pet insurance also given

Here are many things to note about life insurance for pets:
* Life insurance policies generally provide money to cover the cost of burial or cremation, up to $ 10,000.
* Note the age of pet at the time you buy a policy as this will help determine the premium (meaning the old age of pet, the higher charge ).
* Pre-existing disease, affect the cost of premiums. This means better to consider the policy when the pets are in a healthy condition.
* Usually only cats and dogs that are eligible for this type of insurance


  1. Aswani said...
    very good and informative post on pet insurance. People having pets must go for it. Thank you for sharing this info :)

    bty, feel free to comment on my posts too. will be appreciated. Thank You :)
    Dorothy L said...
    I have never heard of anyone life insuring their pet before. I guess people do all sorts of things that many of us do not hear about:)

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