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June 12, 2009

Maintaining the health of dog

hygiene is very important for the health body being life,It is evident that serious diseases,can be caused by bacteria that have become in the teeth caused ago infection on the gum to get into the flow of blood. Condition that
can cause inflammation in the body such as the muscle the heart, kidneys, joints, eyes and many organs.

Step by step the body of dog care:

-Cleaning the face of a dog from the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
-Cleaning dog teeth with toothbrushes.
-Cut the dogs nails are long, but do not cut the blood vessel until the dog nails (which looked the brighter).
-Clearing the-wool dog faeces from the comb / brush dog fur and dog fur is cut off and knotted wool dog model form that we want.
-Dog-wash and dry up dog fur.
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  1. buwel said...
    nice info...
    kang-dwi said...
    sama ama buwel
    Nice info.
    n keep share
    ikhwan said...
    tapi aku gak punya anjing, gimana dunk???
    cUMa said...
    wa here and smile
    wiyono said...
    mantab banget isi blog mu bro..semoga blog mu ini kelak menjadi blog terdepan, tapi jangan lupa ikuti blog ku juga ya
    tiara said...
    oke juga ya blog ini
    yanuar catur rastafara said...
    wah,,mesti nranslate dulu nih
    Wildan Arief said...
    makasih inponya.. tp syg g pny dan phobia jg.. hehe
    btw salam knal yah...
    YolizZ said...
    sip infonya,,

    tapi aku ga punya anjing neh,, ada yg mo ngasih?! :p
    Vicky said...
    I really like dog.

    Thanks for sharing this useful information...
    Vicky said...
    I really like dog :)

    Thanks for sharing this useful information...

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