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June 11, 2009

This often we know via the media through TV movies cartoons dog food that is bone. Bone is identical with the dog, just try to see ditoko that provides dog peliharaan needs, ranging from biscuits / snack, food, collar necklace (collar), until the beds are definitely in the bone or bones make up the picture. There are still many people who keep giving dog eat dog bones like chicken bones or beef bones. Formerly, my parents also do this, they collect the remaining bones from the table and given to the dog. Did you in fact, if the bones can kill dogs?Questions often get over denial of ordinary people who provide food to the dog a bone.

They usually say,Ah ... the bones of the first meal but there is never a problem." Bone is not the same as the toxic effects that can provide instantaneous. At the time a dog chew bones, broken bones serpihan become smaller. Most broken bones that will form the taper angle. Fraction angle of the bones can be sharp-pointed stick on the gum, throat, intestinal digestion and also on the channel rectum.This risk doubled for a dog since the grandfather and grandmother are ready to be given food (dog food) because the system pencernaannya not for the food hard.For stranded dog to eat from the trash or the dogs grandfather and grandmother are fed bone digestion has a stronger but still at risk of threats choke bones.Dogs are eating the bones will also be experiencing difficulties at the time defecate because kotorannya very loud. Digestion can not eat dog bones the meat. Some cases show the wound channel by scratches because of un-tulang.Jadi, bones should not be given to the dogs? Dogs still need the bones to help clean the teeth, release stress and strengthen the jaw muscles but the bones should be chosen which is suitable and safe for the dog.
Adjust the size of your dog snout. Too large, the dog will be difficult to chew (chewing). Too small, make a lazy dog chew and swallow akan directly.The most secure is to provide artificial bone made from cow skin or bone that is the original process so that the human form is not broken if a sharp corner. This product is sold in many pet shop needs.Bone that is safe for the dog bone knob. Bone knob is cartilage that lies between the foot bones and femur cattle or pigs. Knob if broken bones will not form a taper angle. easy to smell / decay quickly if not spent, and can invite bacteria. If you want to feed the dog with the chicken bones should select neck bone neck bone is the cartilage (soft).If you want to give dog bones should be separated by a friend that a dog gets the bones. At the time geting bones, a dog can ingest direct flat so that the risks become greater choke.Function of the bones to a dog:
1.Bones are not staple food for the dog. Only dog bones help to clean teeth.
2.Chew bones can establish a good jaw muscles.
3.Chew dog bones also makes distributing the stress.
4.Chew bones is the distribution of energy for active dogs.



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