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June 06, 2009

Tracker dog

Lucky and Flo, two black Labrador type dog is a dangerous enemy for the flock after the pirate to find the pieces around one million pirated DVDs and CDs in Malaysia. Both animals are placed in secret locations with strict vigilance to the threat of pirate.
Other stories in the port of Merak, Banten,. When trucks turn , the type of dog german shepherd aged 1.5 years the struggle. Bronx removed and immediately jump to the top of the truck closed tarpaulin. Just 5 minutes walk tracking, voice loud purpose Police Commissioner, Siburian, break silence, 'Good you Bronx. " Police saw signs Bronx have found drugs. Right in the middle of the vessel trucks, front-right foot-paw ngais Bronx. Trucks that had coconut, goods, and notions of sandals is demolished. Yes, there are 5 cardboard containing dried marijuana total weight 20 kg.

Wow, great! Dog tracking task is to assist police in drug-track drugs, bombs and theft. How can they be trained? The first stage exercise, namely: compliance. . Strap can be removed after the dog can obey all the commands. After graduating, there is still the next step: introducing the odor and location, or from point to point.

For example find the box containing drugs from other box. Then the exercise point to point or from point to point. For example find the box containing drugs in the range between the others. Then exercise burried, training in and outside the room, and exercise in the vehicle. "With the sharpness , dogs can detect any odor in the introduce, 'said Police Inspector One drh Dedi Wijayanto, Kanit Animal Dit. Samapta Polda Lampung. Indra dog smell 40 times more sharply than men


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  1. sandy said...
    may know some kind of species which it between golden rope and anjing kampung??
    ((brantakan2 wes bhs inggrisku))

    bloge manteb wes....
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