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June 23, 2009

Both the treatment and the skin is true for dogs
Skin problems may be caused by many factors including the possible parasites, allergies, bacteria, fungi generally do not smell the savory can mark the skin problems, such as type of disease that attacks the Seborrhea skin. Usually it is the saliva that does not smell tasty produce in the teeth of the problem (damaged, not good), and dogs menjilati itself, where the dog will not smell tasty .Alergi lice Dermatitis, skin problems are the most widely found.

When a dog tick bite sensitive, flea saliva can cause allergic reactions that cause the itchiness is not only in the area around the bite, but the itchiness may be felt in all parts of the body and especially on the buttocks, legs, and bottom. Can bite on dog-bite area and cause irritation to the development of swelling and setting skin. the dog also may be allergic to food or respiratory allergies that cause itchiness on the skin.
Key areas like the itchiness is the face, ears, feet, and axilla. Allergies can be in the intradermal skin test, where a few examples from the source in the reaction to injection under the skin. Then the skin will be supervised / monitor to localize the allergic reaction is. Test blood price cheaper but also less complete than the skin test. Which test should be conducted by a veterinarian with pelatian in the field of skin diseases and allergy.


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