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June 21, 2009

Demodex treat disease in dogs

Demodex treat disease in dogs
lice demodek known as the fauna that live on all dogs. However, lice will multiply the amount if the dogs are experiencing a decrease in the body immune system (Immunodeficiency) Or in the stress condition (immunosuppressed).

when suddenly the dog you love the rasp in the skin but do not you find lice signs that he is demodex. This skin disease is very common among other experienced dog race and chowchow pug. cause of this disease is a mite (like head lice), which is under the skin, therefore he will not be visible on the skin surface. demodex dog that will always be mengkukur, if already severe akan feather fall, akan skin injury, bleeding and infection will occur. demodex usually attacks the skin around the mouth and chest, but not close the possibility to arise in other parts. when symptoms develop demodex steps should be taken is to give injections demodex dog once every 2 weeks, following the life cycle is demodex mite. highly recommended that the schedule is not through the injection of 2 hours, safe to be given injections per 10 days, and not near the other dog at the time of healing.

Initial treatment if the dog is exposed to demodex :
* We recommend dimandikan with a shampoo containing Benzoyl peroxide are given once a week or salep Rotenone (goodwinol) each day.
* Larutkan Amitraz 0.3ml in 30ml of water to be smeared in the pitak once a day for 2 weeks.
* Provide Vitamin E alone, sometimes demodex local can recover by itself.
* Evaluation skin 2 weeks after treatment.

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