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June 20, 2009

Dogs usually fall because temperature fur to heat, so try to body temperature in the dog singin, do not heat too, the need for ac gnat guard dog's body temperature so cold, so caring dog fur so much easier and dogs will feel fresh to dog fur as long howl ruangannya temperature must be cold, AC can use the environment to its heat vitamin is also necessary for the body of a dog that does not fall dog fur vitamin dog fur can be purchased pet shop visorbit such as brand and will provide treatment for only 1 day.
treatment such as a dog too often bathe a dog too often result in dog fur ,dog so too often washes, of food containing excessive salt can also make a dog fur into fall the enclosure must also be clean, that dog does not experience stress due to the condition of the room is dirty and smelly comfortable atmosphere dogs also must be considered to maintain the health of dog, and the most important examined the dog to the vet active. If you have additional suggestions about dog fur on the page, please add a comment.


  1. ASWANI said...
    Hello dog lover, how are you? nice post. must read for those who want to care their dogs. Keep blogging :)
    Anne said...
    Thanks for this info friend. We just bought new cutie doggie at home. And this is very helpful. We named our dog "rain" .lol!

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